A Brand-New Tool with the Same Legendary CHANNELLOCK® Strength

Introducing the 968 Forged Wire Stripper

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XLT™ Xtreme Leverage Technology

Xtreme Leverage Technology is proven to cut with less force, reducing hand fatigue so you can make clean, easy cuts with less effort.

Forged High Carbon U.S. Steel

Made in the USA with forged high carbon steel, to stay sharper and stronger for a long time.

Curved Cutting Shear

Screw shears are precision-machined to prevent damage to threads when cutting 6-32 and 8-32 machine screws and curved cutting shear is designed to contain material during handling.

Reaming Head

Deburr, clean and flare up to 1-inch conduit with the versatility and strength of a forged reaming head with precision-machined grooves.


Of course it strips, for 10-20 AWG solid and stranded wire.

Verified Reviews

As a plumber, I don’t do much electrical work but when I do, the tool I reach for needs to work and work well. After using my 968s, there isn’t a pair of wire strippers I’d rather have in my tool kit. They are well-engineered, work great, and being made in the USA will stand the test of time.

Ryan G.

After using the 968s, they’ve become my go-to wire stripper. They’re perfectly matched with most manufacturers’ wire insulation and don’t harm the conductor. The handles have a grip like no other tool on the market. Every pro needs this cutting edge technology in their toolbox!

Rocky H.

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