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107-12 CHANNELLOCK® 12-inch C-Clamp Locking Pliers w/ Swivel Pads

107-12 CHANNELLOCK® 12-inch C-Clamp Locking Pliers w/ Swivel Pads

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CHANNELLOCK® Locking Pliers make fast and easy work of your toughest jobs. This full line of locking tools offer unique features such as an Extended-Release Lever to avoid finger pinch and allow for one-handed use when clamping or gripping stubborn fasteners, round, or flat stock. Forged Steel Jaws maximize strength while a centered steel rod and lever hold a tight handle alignment. Retain jaw position with the lock nut feature supported by a durable piano wire spring. Epoxy Coating provides ultimate rust prevention and is extremely spatter resistant. Lock up a hard day’s work with CHANNELLOCK®’s full line of Locking Pliers. CHANNELLOCK® Locking Pliers are Made in Spain.

  • C-CLAMP offers additional clearance when securing material
  • SWIVEL PAD Jaw design secures tough clamps while evenly dispersing force and reducing material damage
  • 12-INCH C-CLAMP: 4-inch vertical capacity when jaws closed and over a 3-1/2-inch throat depth
  • FORGED STEEL JAWS for maximum strength and durability
  • EXTENDED-RELEASE LEVER allows for quick one-handed control and prevents finger pinch
  • EPOXY RESIN COATING for ultimate rust prevention and spatter resistance
  • LOCK NUT FEATURE retains jaw adjustment
  • CENTER STEEL ROD & LEVER supports handle alignment
  • DURABLE COILED SPRING for added clamp performance
  • CHANNELLOCK® Locking Pliers are made in Spain
  • Product Dimensions: 11.85" x 5.7" x 1.26"
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