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10-inch Bulldog Aviation Snip (610BS)

10-inch Bulldog Aviation Snip (610BS)

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CHANNELLOCK® Bulldog Snips offer dual-handed gripping power, resulting in cleaner curved and straight cuts with minimum effort on heavy duty notch cuts. CHANNELLOCK® Aviation Snips are 100% Made in USA and the blades are forged from molybdenum alloy steel for durability and strength. The combination of precision machined serrations on cutting blades, 8:1 compound leverage and high tensile steel handles greatly optimizes cutting performance with less effort.

  • DIRECTION: Cuts straight on heavy duty material, thick or multiple layers, seams, notch cuts, etc.
  • CUTTING CAPACITY: 16ga cold rolled steel, and 18ga stainless
  • FORGED molybdenum alloy steel for ultimate strength and durability
  • PRECISION formed blades for complete cutting strokes and accurate trim cuts
  • 8:1 COMPOUND joint action for maximum cutting power with minimum effort
  • DURABLE long lasting double overwind spring reduces hand fatigue
  • HIGH TENSILE steel handles
  • COMFORT grips designed for durability and comfort
  • 100% MADE IN USA
  • Product Dimensions: 9.38" x 2.05" x 0.83"
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