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SAW3H Stubby x 3-inch Professional Pick Scratch Awl

SAW3H Stubby x 3-inch Professional Pick Scratch Awl

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The CHANNELLOCK® Stubby x 3-inch Professional Pick Scratch Awl offers advanced performance features to conquer the toughest jobs. Specifically designed to fit the needs of today’s trades professional, CHANNELLOCK® screwdrivers are equipped with precision-machined vacuum heat-treated tri-alloy steel blades for durability and have a non-porous, coated finish for lasting corrosion resistance. The high-torque, reinforced handles include a part indicator for easy identification, and tips are precision-machined for a proper fit on fasteners with superior control.  Exceed the expectation with CHANNELLOCK® Professional Drivers made in the USA.

  • COMPACT SCRATCH AWL, 3-inch shaft
  • PRECISION-MACHINED tip to scribe metal, wood hole making, and for use on O-rings, gaskets, and other precision fasteners or components
  • REINFORCED 3-sided high-performance handle is heat-stabilized and modified to provide excellent abrasion protection, impact resistance, and chemical tolerance
  • RUGGED TRI-ALLOY U.S. STEEL blades are vacuum heat-treated, balancing hardness and resilience for ultimate performance
  • VIBRANT polished shaft provides a non-porous finish and coated for corrosion resistance
  • INDICATORS for product type and size are heat stamped for easy identification
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE solid grip reduces fatigue and maximizes torque
  • 100% MADE IN USA
  • Product Dimensions: 5" x 1.357" x 1.357"
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